What It’s Like To Win The Lottery

Ah, winning the lottery – isn’t it everyone’s dream? And how could it not be? With its large variation, it is the final chance to bet a small amount of money and withdraw a million or a few million euros. Who cares if the odds are against you? Who cares if you’re more likely to be struck by lightning than to win the lottery.Just when you decide to be smart about it and stop buy 96ace Malaysia casino lottery tickets, comes the next big winner, whose life will be changed forever because they hit the jackpot. Here are 5 of the most interesting cases of lottery winners in the UK.


A well-deserved win – Kevin Jones of Crewe, England


Mr Jones and his wife tasted failure before hitting the £ 6.1 million lottery jackpot in May 2016 . A few years before their huge gain, they lived in Spain, when their house was looted twice in the same weekend and they were left with nothing. They had to drive back to England and start again. And what a new start – they took out the Lotto jackpot! As a decent person, like Mr. Jones, he continued to do his job as a bus driver even after he found out he had become a millionaire, just because he didn’t want to let people down. One of the first things he bought was two Everton season tickets.


He was happy both because he had time to go to his favorite team’s home games with his son and because he could afford the seasonal prices. 


Adrian and Gillian Bayford of Haverhill


This couple is not just a random winner, from a pile of millions. In August 2012, Adrian and his wife managed a record win of 14 million pounds EuroMillions , which was the largest jackpot ever won at the time. And everything looked like honey. However, 15 months later, they broke up and Gillian took her two sons to her native Scotland.


Later, Adrian met and fell in love with a Samantha Burbidge. He took her on a lavish vacation and took care of her hobby – horses and show jumping. What seemed like a fairy tale at first ended with Sam taking the horses, the horse box and the 2 million pound car he bought for her and leaving the millionaire for an ex-boyfriend who had no money. and lived with his parents. Both Adrian and Gillian broke up with their friends and relatives, because it seemed that everyone believed they were entitled to a larger share of the wealth given to them. So winning the jackpot changed their lives – but not as expected, on the contrary, it made some decisive negative changes.


The evasive jackpot – Edwina and David Nylan from Lancashire


The couple, over 50 years old, thought they had played all 6 winning numbers for the December 23, 2015 lottery draw, so they enjoyed the idea of ​​starting the new year by joining the millionaire club. Unfortunately, due to a technical failure, they never obtained the amount of 35 million pounds that they thought they belonged to.


The couple had played online with random numbers and claimed to have seen a confirmation of their ticket purchase. They were supposed to have been playing online for some time and knew what they were doing. They had a problem not having enough money to buy the lottery ticket, so they had to fill up with money. The company behind the National Lottery, Camelot, said the system recorded their attempt to buy a ticket, but did not end up recharging and purchasing a ticket . They could not comment on whether the couple would have won, as they could not see details such as the numbers they were trying to play when the purchase failed due to insufficient funds. The couple said they would never play the lottery again.

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