Phil Ivey – The Biggest Winner Of Online Casino Games

Name: Phil Ivy

Games: professional poker

Net worth : over $ 100 million

Win 10 WSOP bracelets

Edge sorting disputes

Born in California and raised in New Jersey, Phil Ivey is an American professional poker player. He is known to be the youngest player to ever win ten bracelets in the world poker series. Ivey won her bracelet in 2000, when she became the first to defeat Amarillo Slim at a WSOP final table. However, his success is not surprising, given that he started playing poker when he was only 8 years old. His grandfather taught him how to play five-card poker. Inspired by gambling as a teenager, Phil Ivey created a fake ID to enter Atlantic City casinos . Later, he used to play against his colleagues at the telemarketing company where he worked. Phil Ivey went pro at 20 years old.

Ivey is the fifth most successful poker player in tournaments and has accumulated a net worth of over $ 23,100,000. However, in recent years, his appearances have been quite discreet. However, in 2017, Phil Ivey announced that he would return to the game soon. Interestingly, until 2011, Ivey was also the biggest winner of online cash games. He won $ 19,242,743 playing online poker . Phil Ivey also became famous with the edge sorting casino scandal. He won $ 12,000,000 playing PuntoBanco at Mayfair Club, Crockfords Casino in London, but ended up suing him for refusing to be paid. The reason was that, according to the casino, he and his gambling partner Cheung Yin “Kelly” used a trick called edge sorting. He then became involved in a series of lawsuits trying to defend his position, but the British court eventually ruled in favor of the casino, arguing that his actions were considered fraud.

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