Increasingly Complex Software In Casino

With all those sources of information that already provide different statistics for the casino, the next logical step is to better analyze them. With the advent of new and better software (TableEye 21 being just the latest brand), the casino has practically become Big Brother . Every little detail about the games is followed closely. Meanwhile, programs such as NORA (non-Evident Relationship Awareness) can even analyze the behaviors of different customers and alert security agents to any organized groups. It is true that almost all card counting teams have always been one of the biggest threats to casinos, even though the technique has become less and less viable in recent years.


Don’t even think about Volts


If you dreamed of going to Ocean’s Eleven , you can forget about it. Casinos HAVE significant cash reserves to return their chips, but the capital of the casino industry is constantly growing, they have begun to learn from banks and government agencies to keep their assets. You should find days to ever get into a vault, where silent alarms would expose you before you realize something is wrong. In recent decades, cyber attacks have posed a much more real danger than real robberies in the style of the Wild West.


The future


High-tech solutions can play an increasingly serious role in maintaining the security of casinos, but the human factor remains essential. State-of-the-art systems are not yet so widespread, and security officers are more than necessary. The best line of defense for the 711 Kelab casino has always been the experts who understand the floor and, most importantly: how the scammer’s mind works. Even if the tools become more and more sophisticated, scams still remain an exercise in spirit and skill – and the same goes for their prevention. Overal, if you are just looking for where to spend good time, online gambling sites they are also a great option – they are safe and offer a huge number of games. Another option is to go for one of the online casino sites with slot . There, as you can imagine, you can find more games of chance than those based on skills. After all, on our site every player will find something to suit his taste, we can give you that!

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